2014 Archives Leadership Institute

The Archives Leadership Institute | ALI@Luther

I finally finished unpacking and sorting through my materials from ALI14. As I was placing notes, binders, and books on my  shelves, I can’t help but reflect upon my week at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. In fact, I haven’t stopped thinking about the information and ideas shared, people I met, conversations had, and how ALI has already affected my work this first week back.

The evening before I left, I told my boyfriend that I wanted to spend my time at ALI discussing the positive things happening at the University of Kentucky Libraries: successful projects, engaged and supportive faculty and staff, and opportunities to expand and enhance our services. Thankfully, our incredible facilitator, Luther Snow, spent our first day teaching us about asset-based thinking and generative language. Even though I’m a fairly positive and empathetic person to start with (as provided by my StrengthFinder test results), I’ve already put Luther’s tools and techniques to good use.

The ALI mentors and instructors also left an incredibly strong impresson, as did the other participants– I have never been around so many intelligent and passionate archivists! We spent almost every waking moment talking about the profession and it never grew tiresome. I learned so much from sharing our experiences, successes, and failures. I’m so thrilled to have the ALI14 cohort, mentors and faculty as part of my “archives family.”

And As Beth Myers so aptly said during our last evening together, “I expected to leave ALI as a better archivist, but I left a better person.”

Image courtesy of Luther Snow, 2014.